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Precision Stainless Welding

Keeping stainless steel equipment in pristine condition is no joke. Rock 'n' Weld uses a wide variety of different tools, and techniques (including purge welding) to accommodate all of your stainless steel needs with impeccable quality on a immense range of applications. We can repair stainless steel process piping, fermenters, kettles, hoppers, industrial mixers, vats and tanks, pipe fittings, stainless boilers, boilers, and much more. Many repairs can be carried out on-site those that cant Rock 'n' Weld can repair in our shop.

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Quality Aluminium Welding

Aluminium welding is no problem for Rock 'n' Weld. We can TIG and MIG aluminium quickly while keeping the finished product within your quality specifications all without breaking the budget. Boat hulls, motor mounts, all kinds of car parts, some wheels, you name it and we can fulfill your needs fast and affordable.

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Cosmetic Steel Welding

Rock 'n' Weld is capable of producing quality and cosmetic work on everything stee;. Welding Steel fences, gates, doors, car parts, heavy equipment, wrought iron, and structural steel, are just some of what our welders can do. Call today, tell us a little about your project and get a free quote. 

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 Our welders proudly service Denver, Loveland, Fort Collins, Boulder, Longmont, Arvada, Lakewood, and more. We even serve Colorado Springs, Aspen and beyond with special appointments.  

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